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 Alex's Gamemaster Application

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PostSubject: Alex's Gamemaster Application   Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:10 am

Name: Alex
Age: 17
Time Zone: +1 GMT
Contact Information: MSN: Gunner-den-lange@hotmail.com Wink

List your characters and their total playing time. (Ask a GM to find the playtime for you)
Nonder played for 2 days
Druidcome for 3 days.
2 and 3 days playtime.

About how long are you on the realm each day?
-I'm on this server for 4 hours each day.

What contributions have you made to help improve the Realm?
-I havn't done anything? You know. I've made this guild where I were the guild master, MFD, and we got our own website and events.

What can you do for the realm that other people can't?
-I can deliver a 3 years of experience as a Gamemaster. I can deliver a high experience and knowledge in Real WoW. I've got 2 level 85 now, and got 2 level 80.
I can deliver a happy day, and I can make the day in WarCrit WoW more fun.

What interests you the most about becoming a GM?
-The thing that interests me the most, is to help people. I love to help other people's in their situations.

Have you ever been a GM on another server?
A. If so, where and how long?
*I've been as I said before, Gamemaster for 3 years.
B. If you have been a GM before, do you have any proof?
*I havn't got any proof, exept that you're going to ask the servers. The list goes: HsWoW, AniWoW, TerrarWoW, GamersCube, AntiWar and WzWoW.
C. If you have been a GM before, why are you not one now?
*I were last seen as a GM on WzWoW, which sadly shut down one week ago ): And since then I've tried to find a server to help. And then I found this server, Which I've played a while ago.

What are your best qualities?
-I'm a happy guy, and Loves to make jokes and just have fun. I'm not the borring person, who's behind the computer 24/7. I've alot of friends who I'm spending alot of time with. I got a job, 2 times a week maybe 3. I'm very social in the real life, and when I'm behind the computer, I'm trying to have as much fun as possible.
What can you tell us about yourself?

Anything else you would like us to know?
-Not really, you know (:

What is your perfect Sunday?
-A perfect Sunday, is when I've done something crazy Saturday, and I'm able to just relace behind the computer with my online friends, the staff, you know Wink

If I locked you in a room full of starving, angry mooses and you had only a keyboard, how would you order take out chinese? : I would surf on the mooses with on my keyboard untill the day i die Wink

ESSAY! Please answer 1 of the following situations.

1. A player is having problems with their professions, what questions and steps would you take to help them get this solved?
-First I will ask some more deep questions like: What happends when you try to open the Jewelcrafting? What is the problem exact? When did this happend? Have you experienced this before?
If he tells me, that nothing happends, I'll seach on a forum for answers, If I got no answer myself.
If I get no answer I'll ask an other Gamemaster/Admin to help me.

2. A player does not know how to receive his donation rewards. Please explain what you would do and tell them, and once you have told them how to get the gear, it's not there. What do you do then?
-I will ask him if he'd paid already? If he's sure about the paying. If he's sure about it, I'll ask the admin to go and check the database for information about any payment. If we've got a payment historie from some players, I would ask him about his name. Just 2 simple question from the payment historie. If he's speaking the truth, I'll ask the admin/owner for the gear code, and then ingame I'll add the gear by typing the add command.

3. A player is unable to do anything but speak (meaning he can't move attack duel inspect ect.) what would you do in this situation?
-I will ask him, When he've experienced this? Is it a while ago, or yesterday? Then I'll tell him to try relogin, if that wouldn't work, I'll try to 'unlock' him with commands. If that wouldn't work, I'll find out if other ppl. have the same issue, and then I'll know if it's the server. I'll tell him what to do, and if that wouldn't work, I'll ask a admin/gm.

Best regards Alex Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Alex's Gamemaster Application   Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:20 pm

Nice application dude,

Good luck
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PostSubject: Re: Alex's Gamemaster Application   Sat Jan 15, 2011 6:46 am

good app but first concern is getting the server up and running but that is going to take a while
kind regards Jurgen

regret nothing take all
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PostSubject: Re: Alex's Gamemaster Application   

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Alex's Gamemaster Application
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