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 Bloodblitz the insane GM Application

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PostSubject: Bloodblitz the insane GM Application   Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:05 pm

Time Zone:21:00
Contact Information:kackelackan87@hotmail.com

List your characters and their total playing time. (Ask a GM to find the playtime for you)
About how long are you on the realm each day?
about 10 hours
What contributions have you made to help improve the Realm?
i've helped alot off players
What can you do for the realm that other people can't?
i can be nice to other ppl and i can help as much as i can.
What interests you the most about becoming a GM?
i allways liked helping people.
Have you ever been a GM on another server? No
A. If so, where and how long?
B. If you have been a GM before, do you have any proof?
C. If you have been a GM before, why are you not one now?

What are your best qualities?
i'm really nice
What can you tell us about yourself?
i'm good at wow and i allways happy.
Anything else you would like us to know?
nothing that i can come up with now.
What is your perfect Sunday?
playing as a GM on WarCrit private server.

If I locked you in a room full of starving, angry mooses and you had only a keyboard, how would you order take out chinese?
i call by the computer :S
ESSAY! Please answer 1 of the following situations.

1. A player is having problems with their professions, what questions and steps would you take to help them get this solved?
what doesnt work what does the error say and try to resolve it as soon as possible if i dont know how to fix it ask the admin or another gm.

2. A player does not know how to receive his donation rewards. Please explain what you would do and tell them, and once you have told them how to get the gear, it's not there. What do you do then?
dont stress about it and contact the admin he will check if you donated and make sure you get your rewards, if thats the case id check if he really has them if not and there is confirmed that he has donated i would add the items again to him after contacting the admin if needed

3. A player is unable to do anything but speak (meaning he can't move attack duel inspect ect.) what would you do in this situation?in first case i would suggest relogging if that dusnt work i really dont know what happend to the person because ive never encounterd anything like this but i do wanna know what it is so i can help people if it ever happens to them
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lurre :D

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PostSubject: yeah   Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:49 pm

I need to speak with you more before. So if you still intrested hit me up Razz
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Bloodblitz the insane GM Application
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