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 Gm App by Rosh / DmX

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PostSubject: Gm App by Rosh / DmX    Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:30 am

Name: Marvin
Age: 17
Time Zone: + 1
Contact Information: SinorWin@gmx.de

List your characters and their total playing time. (Ask a GM to find the playtime for you)

Rosh 1 day 3 hours
DmX 1 day 2 hours
And other : 7 hours

About how long are you on the realm each day?

5 Hours and more

What contributions have you made to help improve the Realm?

I helped many Players to find Equips and helped them by Questions.

What can you do for the realm that other people can't?
Find nice places to do Events and help People by Questions about their Class

What interests you the most about becoming a GM?

Helping other people and host (help by) Events

Have you ever been a GM on another server?

A. If so, where and how long?
Razow-Wow: 2 weeks (Because server had been closed by Blizzard Sad )
B. If you have been a GM before, do you have any proof?
A little bit
C. If you have been a GM before, why are you not one now?
See A.

What are your best qualities?

I' m friendly and can work well with people and i know many things about Wow because i played 5 years on official Server (usually on Privat servers too)

What can you tell us about yourself?

I do much sport.

Anything else you would like us to know?
I played Official Server 5 years and cleared with my guild Icc
What is your perfect Sunday?

Come back from Disco,Sleep,Play WoW and chill with friends.

If I locked you in a room full of starving, angry mooses and you had only a keyboard, how would you order take out chinese?

ESSAY! Please answer 1 of the following situations.

1. A player is having problems with their professions, what questions and steps would you take to help them get this solved?

I would welcome him friendly and then show him how to learn proffesions, If it doesn t work still i would tell him to relogg if it also not work STILL i would tell him to wait 1 min and search ID in Internet to add him/her the proffesion/s. (wowhead.com as example)
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Gm App by Rosh / DmX
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