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 Format for Reports

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PostSubject: Format for Reports   Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:30 pm

Here are the formats you should use.
Fail to follow direction will get your appeal/report denied.

Format for GM Abuse

GM Name:
Why: (reason only)
What Happened: ( full story)
Screen Shots: SS must be included here.

Format for Reporting a Player

Player Name:
Hacking: Yes/No - What form of hacking?
Bug Abusing: Yes/No - Which bug? (just say which one, don't say how)
Using banned spells or talents: Yes/No - Which spell or talent?
Killing on a Mob/Boss or Resetting a Mob/Boss: Yes/No - Where?
Scamming: Yes/No
What Happened: This is where you get to post all your details of what happened, your opinion and etc.
Screen Shots: SS must be included here.

For Appealing a Ban

Char Name:
Acc Name:
GM that Banned You:
Reason: post here Why you think your banned.
What Happened: Post the story of what happened.
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Format for Reports
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